Developing a Robust Technology System that drives Information Processing, Data Crunching, and Security Monitoring.

Another area needed to ensure a successful climb is increasing ANU’s capacity in the areas of technology innovation, program enhancement, training, partnership, and personnel expertise. Having the right tools is essential. From managing the data, finances, classes, and information about our customers to recording and streaming each lecture.

The ability to offer courses in physical classrooms and simultaneously on-line require equipment and technical capacity to stay on the cutting edge. Cybersecurity as-well-as campus security will require a state-of-the-art identification system, class, and chapel attendance function, and security monitoring to keep these areas safe and out of reach from unwelcome assailants.

Providing a robust and bulletproof system will help the university use these tools to host other customer domains, back-up other company’s data, and number crunch big data for outside clients to diversify our source of revenue helping others reach the summit with us.

$46,858 of $319,000 raised