The Ministry of Health’s daily statistics update on the virus indicated that as of 25th May, the daily infection rate in Kenya continued to climb, meaning that the virus containment measures and guidelines currently in place will likely remain with us for the foreseeable future.

 As such, the social and economic ramifications of these which include job losses across sectors, for instance, the travel and hospitality sector in which there have been mass job losses as stringent restrictions on travel remain in place globally, and dwindling fortunes for small scale traders due to shrinking disposable incomes  – continuing to render many families desperate.

To support families affected by hunger in these challenging times, various members of the ANU community volunteered for a good cause and pooled resources together and made donations of foodstuff and personal care items, benefitting over 75 of our community members living in and around Ongata Rongai; and making a similar donation to ‘Nyumba ya Tumaini’ children’s home, a rehabilitation center for boys located in Ongata Rongai.

Helping the government understand the impact of the pandemic on the livelihoods of Kenyans and advising on key ICT related response initiatives to mitigate the adverse socio-economic impacts at the individual to the national level is the COVID-19 ICT Advisory Committee. ANU alumna Dr. Shikoh Gitau serves in this committee whose work is pivotal to developing and enhancing sustainable socio-economic response initiatives to mitigate the effects of the pandemic is optimistic about the future

“This Pandemic provides an opportunity to fast track our growth in technology, our children are learning from home, we are working from home but beyond this in a world where every country is looking out for themselves, we are seeing innovative homegrown solutions, we are finally stepping up! This should be a catalytic season for the future of our continent.” Dr. Shikoh Gitau

It is refreshing to see people find a reason to smile amidst these challenging times. The global pandemic notwithstanding, beautiful stories of kindness, empathy and dedicated service for the good of humanity – be it healthcare personnel bravely fighting from the frontlines; or communities rallying behind their most vulnerable and offering them support including material gifts and acts of kindness, to corporate citizens donating vast resources to support our healthcare systems and