He found passion on the basketball court at #ANU with the #ANUWolfpack – ANU’s men’s basketball team, and now he’s helping kids find a passion for sports and just as important for those from low-income backgrounds, a pathway to education and career opportunities.

He puts his BA in Criminal Justice and Security Management (2018) to use running several programs in his community to empower young people and safeguard them from falling into illegal activities for survival.

He spends many hours on the court with youngsters teaching them his admirable moves and imparting to them the wisdom of experience. 

As a forward with the #ANUWolfpack, he was a force to reckon with; and his many accolades with the team include – KUSA National titleholders – 2017; KUSA Nationals 1st runners up 2018; NASOKUSA Champions 2017; ANU Open 2014.

 ‘I’m grateful to God for the position I occupy in the Community & to be able to give back'”

Off the court, he and #ANU basketball Coach Mike Oluoch and fellow alumni Koros are helping #ANU students cultivate a winning aptitude with the TC mentorship program.

Whilst the #COVID19 pandemic has us confined at home, #TC has been meeting virtually & filling members’ time with virtual workout classes and personal coaching sessions with expert guests!