Reaching the Summit Together – Kilele Pamoja

As dawn breaks in this new world we find ourselves in, At Africa Nazarene University, we continue our pursuit of being Academic innovators for the continent of Africa. Operating in uncharted territory with a mountain set before us, we prepare to climb this mountain. 

Mountain climbers prepare for the quest in front of them. They take stock of the equipment needed. Physically train daily by wearing the weight equal to the items they will carry. Run with the use of a respirator that simulates the lack of oxygen they will experience on the mountain top. It is this preparation that helps a climber dictate the possibilities and increase their chance of summiting. 

Reaching the Summit TogetherKILELE PAMOJA Campaign – ANU is focusing on three initiatives that will help us prepare to capture the summit of this uncharted world of university education we find ourselves in through the Pursuit of: